The Best of Belfast

Interactive Map

Use the links below to find out where some of Belfast's best landmarks, buildings and attractions are located. Each location link to Google Maps to give you more specific directions.

St. Annes's Cathedral
Donegall Street, BT1 2HB
Google Maps
Belfast City Hall
Donegall Square, BT1 5GS
Google Maps
Waterfront Hall
2 Lanyon Pl, BT1 3WH
Google Maps
Odyssey Arena
2 Queens Quay, BT3 9QQ
Google Maps
Obel Tower
Donegall Quay, BT1
Google Maps
Titanic Signature Project
2 Queens House, BT3 9DT
Google Maps
St. Annes's Cathedral |   City Hall |   Waterfront Hall |   Odyssey Arena |   Obel Tower |   Titanic Signature Project

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